Women's History Month

Women’s History Month Facts That You Should Know

If you are not the US citizens, probably you are not really familiar with women’s history month. People in the US as well as people all over the world celebrate this event in March. The celebration is to commemorate women figures who have made lots of achievement. You might be wondering why it is celebrated in March. These are some women’s history month facts that will broaden up your knowledge and awareness about women’s contributions to society, history, and culture.

How It Started

Women’s history week was celebrated at the first time in March 1978. The event was held by some teachers in Santa Rosa, California. They chose the second week of March to correspond with International Women’s Day on March 8. So, it is clear that these two special days are actually the same thing.

Started in Santa Rosa, it then spread to other places across the country. They joined Santa Rosa in celebrating this event. Two years later in 1980, Jimmy Carter, the US president at that time, officially declared the week of March 8 as the National Women’s History Week. He asked everyone in the country to participate in the event.

In 1987, Congress decided that the week-long event was extended to be a month-long. Therefore, since that year, Women’s History Month has been celebrated.

American Leading Figures

Basically Women’s History Month is dedicated to all women in the world without exception for their achievement, courage, and role whatever it is. There are some leading figures that become the source of inspiration. Among some notable American figures to honor are Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who fought for women equality in 1850.

Other key figures often spotlighted during the Women’s History Month are Misty Copeland, Harriet Tubman, Madeleine Albright, and more. They are not ordinary women. Instead, they have changed the world in various way that they are remembered for a lifetime. Tubman, for example, is honored as she led slaves to freedom during the Civil War.

How Do People Celebrate It?

People all over the world celebrate Women’s History Month in different ways. In many countries, this special day is commonly celebrated through movie screenings, museum exhibits, charity concerts, workshops, and more.

The National Women’s History Alliance choose different theme every year for celebrating the event. This current year, the theme chosen was “Valiant Women of the Vote”. Women’s voice is as important as men’s. The event was meant to encourage women to vote their rights especially in politics.

Other Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month

There are usually a number of events from concerts to museum exhibits held to celebrate Women’s History Month. Attending such events will definitely give new insight about women’s power that tend to be overlooked.

In addition to those events, there are many things you can do. It does not always to be a big thing to do in such a great day. You can, for example, write a thank you note to an inspiring woman like your teacher or mom. You can also simply create your own empowering vision statement.

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