Male Brain Vs Female Brain Facts Are Not Only Interesting But Also Inspiring

Male brains vs. female brain facts keep inspiring various kinds of jokes, whether they are memes or stand-up comedy stages. It is interesting to find out how a woman and a man get married and share their lives for decades. Even more surprising to find out some couples who can love each other till death do them part. Regardless of their differences in anatomical and way of thinking, they have lots of differences in showing their emotion, visualizing objects in 3D, processing the language, and even time estimating.  

Different Professions That Relate to Male Brain vs Female Brain Facts

As it was mentioned before, women and men have different points of view, due to the difference in how their brains work on the language process. The fact is that there are more men who become engineers, pilots, mathematicians, architects than women. However, we can notice that women are successful in their careers in public relations, marketing, teaching, and almost similar professions. It is summed that women can remember words in sentences on many texts that they have read. 

Women brain allows them to have a higher level of empathy. They can master several skills that relate to verbal and social subjects. On the other hand, the male brain produces the ability in being dominant, as well as better skills in mathematics. 

Brain vs Society

We often see that girls love to play with dolls and boys with cars. Many people consider that this is a common phenomenon that will occur automatically, instead of the parents’ influence. Most parents prepare their little girls with cute dolls and fancy car toys for their boys. The fact is that how those kids with different genders play are basically influenced by society, though their speaking skills may relate to their brain language process. 

Boys prefer to play with cars as they don’t need to speak too much. Meanwhile, girls love to speak when they play with their dolls. Anyway, either a boy or a girl will enjoy playing with various kinds of toys, and there is no limitation for them. The basic difference lies in how they express their feelings during playtime. 

Proven Scientifically 

However, the studies, that many types of research conducted, have summarized interesting facts. The studies involved computerized image processing, which allows researchers to measure the volumetric parts of the brain. The studies also used several devices with more advanced technology, like functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Brain Topographic Electroencephalography. 

The first finding is that men have a bigger inferior-parietal lobule.  This is the part of the brain, located in the cortex.  It has two sides, in which its left side is much bigger than the right one. It is very interesting to find that the same part of women’s brains is contradictory. The left side of the inferior-parietal lobule is smaller than the right side. 

The study itself was conducted among fifteen men and women. All the men volunteers have bigger brains which reach 10 % than the women. But, the scientists summarized that the bigger size of men’s brains is due to the bigger body size. Men have a greater number of muscle cells, in which it has more neurons as the brain controllers. 

The inferior-parietal lobule lets the brain in processing information that is derived from the senses. This is when the expression between men and women are different when they pay attention and give perception. This part of the brain plays a major role that relates to the brain’s ability in speed and time in solving problems.

None is Better or Worse

With all of those male brain vs female brain facts, none of them is better or worse. Both women and men can complete each other. Those differences can be combined perfectly when they collaborate in a team. 

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