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Female Orgasm Facts For Your Secret Happy Life!

When it comes to female orgasm facts, not many of them are revealed bluntly. It is more than just having a great feeling during intercourse. But orgasm on women is much easier to reach with only the right stimulation. Yet, not all women realize such facts.

Female Orgasm Facts Can Be Very Surprising

Most women find it hard to reach their peak during intercourse. This is particularly when they are not in a good mood for having sex. Once they feel upset, they will not feel anything during intercourse. Even worse, they wish that the lovemaking activity can end as soon as possible!

This phenomenon happens to millions of women worldwide. Yes, it is true that mood can affect a woman’s feelings. So, orgasm actually relates a lot to a woman’s feelings and sensitivity. Yet, there are still interesting facts that women can learn when they want to enjoy their maximum pleasure for their healthy relationship!

1. Orgasm Even Better With ‘Self-Service’

Most women find it ‘weird’ about masturbation because they think that only males do it. As a matter of fact, women don’t need to ‘do’ what they are used to during intercourse. Yet, they only need to explore several ways to find the right stimulation point for reaching their climaxes.

2. Orgasm is The Most Effective Pain Killer

Though it sounds ridiculous, reaching an orgasm is the most unbeatable pain killer. Yes, it means that it kills pain through self-orgasm, or reaching orgasm with a partner. It is proven scientifically that orgasm produces endorphins hormones, which contain oxytocin that kills the pain, whether it is a headache, toothache, and all kinds of pain. Well, the pain may not be diminished right away. Yet, it helps a woman with a headache to sleep well before waking up without any pain anymore.

3. The Older The Better

Most women in their 50s think that it is harder to reach orgasm, due to the decreased production of their cervical fluid. The fact is that women will feel better orgasm after their forties. The main reason is because of their comfortable feeling and mood during their intimate activities. Women in their forties, who have married for decades, might feel very comfortable during sex because of their very close relationship.

4. Finding It Hard to Reach Orgasm?

Again, orgasm relates to a woman’s mood. This is why it is recommended to have her own stimulation before having sex if a woman wants to feel this sensational feeling. She can read romantic, yet enticing books or videos that deliver a strong feeling of having intercourse with her partner.

5. Orgasm Is Much Easier With Regular Exercises

Standard exercises are good to stimulate the blood flow that makes it much easier for reaching orgasm. Yet, certain exercises relate to stretching the pelvic, thigh, and lower body parts.

Ready to Rock?

Well, those female orgasm facts may be somewhat surprising for you. Don’t hesitate to explore many erotic zones. You can ask your beloved partner to increase your intimate life. You deserve to be happy and live a healthier life!

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