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Facts About The Female Reproductive System That Amazes Everyone

Facts about the female reproductive system are still as mysterious as women themselves. Scientists may have figured out several facts that make people in awe about how the reproduction system works. The system consists of the ‘perfectly-installed’ internal and external organs in the genital. The system has several parts, that include the vagina which links to the uterus, then the ovaries that produce eggs.

Here Are Some Of The Facts

While they are not surprising facts for everyone, there are some other facts that can be jaw-dropping. Women are created with perfectly-designed ‘spare parts’, particularly which relate to their reproductive systems. They include:

1.Flexible Uterus

Yes, the uterus is the ‘most comfortable sleeping bag’ for any baby. Once a baby enters the real world, she will cry, due to the loss of her warm, hugging natural blanket. There is an amazing fact about the uterus that even some women don’t realize. Women’s uterus is actually small, which its length is less than 8 centimeters. Imagine how flexible it is when it stretches, along with the baby inside it.

2. Acidic Vagina

The vagina is the first ‘tunnel’ for the reproductive system. It has flawless protection against any bacteria that may enter and harm the overall reproduction parts. The vagina pH is reaching the 5pH scale, thanks to the existence of Lactobacillus. The acidic condition helps killing bad bacteria, thanks to the actively working microbe that will exist as long as the vagina remains acidic.

It is highly recommended to use a reputable vagina-cleaning liquid that can maintain the pH level. Washing the vagina with regular soap can be dangerous in the long term because it can reduce the acidic level. When a woman doesn’t own a vagina cleaning liquid, she can replace it with a bar of very gentle baby soap.

3. Biggest Cell Ever!

Human beings have cells. The biggest one is the egg or female’s ovum. The diameter can reach 120 micrometers.

4. The Loss of Blood During Menstruation Doesn’t Impact Anything At All!

Every woman experiences a monthly period. While some women feel more tired during this time, most of them just feel like they live their regular lives. Believe it or not, a woman in a period is losing blood with the same measurement of a cup volume. For sure, it influences the use of tampons or similar products. Imagine how much profit that the manufacturers of those products!

5. Women, Whales and Elephants

Three of these kinds of mammals share similarities in experiencing menopause. It means, other mammals like cows, sheep, goats, don’t! Well, take this fact, ladies! Don’t be jealous of mammals that don’t experience menopause.

6. PMS

This is the main reason for all women worldwide to make an excuse for what they feel! While the fact about Premenstrual Syndrome is true, women can still control their emotions, though. The real PMS signs include backaches, food cravings, acne, fatigue, and headaches. All of those signs trigger hard-to-control emotion.

Keep It Healthy

Knowing all the facts about the female reproductive system is fun and educating. The facts can help teens in dealing with their bodies. Keeping the reproductive system in a healthy condition can save teens from various diseases, like cancers, HIV-AIDS, and other related disorders.

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