8 Facts Every Woman Should Know about Health and Fitness

Women represent the keystone of a family’s overall health. It is important for women to stay healthy and fit so they are able to take care the health of families and children. Without a healthy mind and body, a woman can play her role whether it is the role as a mother, career woman, student, researcher, and more. Therefore, maintaining health is very crucial. It is also important to know these facts every women should know in order to keep the mind and body healthy.

1. Women are more prone to depression than men

Due to reproductive hormones, women can suffer from depression easier than men. The reproductive hormone is not the only contributing factor to women’s depression. There are other causes such as a differing women response to stress to social pressure that greatly varies among women. Having ups and downs throughout life is something common but this mood change can be out of control, causing depression.

2. Heavy menstrual bleeding

Every year, more than 10 million American women (one out of five women) suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding that can last more than a week. It might be a sign of bleeding disorder. Therefore, if it happens to you, seek medical advice. Your doctor may suggest you to take some tests.

3. Asthma is found more often in women than men

Being female, adults, and African Americans has higher risks to suffer from severe asthma that can lead to death. So, if you have this disease and belong to the categories above, try to avoid things that can trigger asthma such as mold, tobacco smoke, and outdoor air pollution.

4. Women and heath disease

Do you know that stroke and heath disease cause 1 in 3 deaths among women every year? It sounds frightening but this is a fact. One of the way to prevent worse condition is to learn about this disease further so you know what should be done in case you have the risk factors. Prevention to stroke and cardiac event includes action and education

5. Women and breast cancer

Another killing disease is cancer and among many types of cancers, breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurred on women. In the Unite State alone, 1 out of 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Being female and aging is the most significant risk factor for this illness. Screening can help reduce the development of breast cancer as it can detect the disease from the early stage thus the cancer can be treated sooner.

6. A happy woman practices kindness

Being happy is the key of being healthy. In order to always feel happy, women should think positively, do things they like, give more to others, and so on. When you make other people happy, you will feel the same way.

7. Eat well

There is a famous quote that you probably have ever heard frequently saying “you are what you eat”. This quote is truly correct. Foods can make you sick but they can also make you healthy. It means that choosing the proper diet is very important. In addition to the kinds of food, the amount of food to eat should also be taken into account.

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8. Menopause usually happens in 40s to 50s

In the Unites States, the average age for having menopause is 51. However, pre-menopause can start in the 30s. In most women, common symptoms include irregular periods, weight gain, bloating, and mood swing. However, it can be symptomless in some women.

Knowing about health and fitness particularly in women is very important. As a woman you have to perform different roles at once such as being a mother, an employee, a wife, and a friend. Playing those roles require a healthy body and mind.

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