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Toronto Camp 2010 Pictures!

Pictures from Kaurs United Toronto Camp 2010 are now online in the KU Gallery!

Kaurs Toronto

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  • You Come (Our Anthem)

    When it comes to separations and pains I have countless soiled within But still, generic in the form of tears in my eyes, You come, Punjaab… ————————————- Sat Sri Akaal We are the people, the people of Punjaab This is our voice Muffled and ignored Confused and brushed aside Wait, do we even have a […]read more
  • Yesterday

    I am a seeker of the silence but it does not embrace me its lap does not offer me solace. I am a seeker of love but its colours do not surround me its music does not fill my ears I look for simplicity but there is no wind beneath it wings it has no […]read more
  • Women Sufferers of Indian Government Assaults

    Submitted by: Harjit Kaur If your children were taken from you….ripped apart in front of your eyes….. Then their cut up bodies strung around your neck…… Would you continue to remember your Guru?? How strong and magnificent were the Mothers and Daughters of the Khalsa Panth….. Khalsa Women and Mir Mannu’s Jail In the first […]read more
  • Women in Sikhism – Quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji

    Submitted by: H. Kaur Original source: www.sikhlionz.com In Praise of Women “We are born of woman, prostate we are conceived in the womb of woman, we are engaged and married to woman. We make friendship with woman and the lineage continued because of woman. When one woman dies, we take another one, we are bound […]read more
  • Without You

    Submitted by: Perminder Kaur You determine everything for me You?re value cannot be expressed into words Without the Naam I have been wasting my breath I cannot exist Without Guru Ji I would die One Chant of Waheguru gets me addicted for life How can I stay separated for so long? Yet I still wait […]read more
Sikh Dedication

    Bibi Rena Kaur Ji

    Kaurs United International was founded in memory of the countless heroic and saintly Gursikh women in Sikh history, and in special dedication to an inspirational young Gursikh woman -- Bibi Rena Kaur Ji, who graced this earth from 1987 to 2004... read more 
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