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Toronto Camp 2010 Pictures!

Pictures from Kaurs United Toronto Camp 2010 are now online in the KU Gallery!

Kaurs Toronto

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  • India’s 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: Waiting for Justice

    Submitted by: Divya Kaur On a beautiful day in Punjab, India, around the year of 1606, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev, happily sat on a burning hot plate, at the command of the Muslim king in power. The saintly man refused to forcefully convert to Islam. The kings told him, “Oh [...]read more
  • Mender of Hearts

    Waahay Guroo Waahay Guroo Waahay Guroo Waahay Jeeo You are the mender, the mender of hearts. You are the sustainer of all. You are the mender of the wounds of life. You are the sustainer of all. In your heart You care for everyone. Within all hearts, in everyone. In Your heart You care for [...]read more
  • Why do we blame God?

    Waheguru gives us the knowledge and strength to act. It is not justified to blame Waheguru for our failures or evil acts. To free ourselves of guilt of doing unsocial or illegal acts, we want people to believe that everything is in the hands of Waheguru; we can do nothing. There is a really common [...]read more
  • Salvation

    What is this feeling? I’m floating, drifting among clouds… No, smoke. Is it? It’s blinding, this sense of uncertainty. Falling into the continuous void. The hollow aching that hung within me, Slowly consuming. Why did it suddenly stop? I hadn’t expected it: I didn’t know you would be there. A hand, Reaching through the translucent [...]read more
  • Swimming Lessons

    The sun was out, my mind was Dark, the heat was getting strong Dazed and confused, I sat outside, Knowing something was wrong I was sitting outside of the pool, never Aware that it was there. Then I saw it, and I jumped in; without a Thought – without a care. Suddenly I began to [...]read more
Sikh Dedication

    Bibi Rena Kaur Ji

    Kaurs United International was founded in memory of the countless heroic and saintly Gursikh women in Sikh history, and in special dedication to an inspirational young Gursikh woman -- Bibi Rena Kaur Ji, who graced this earth from 1987 to 2004... read more 
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